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A compilation of images showing a man discreetly spying and taking photos with a camera with a long-range lens. Another image captured by a security camera of people on the street with their faces framed by lines indicating that facial recognition is being performed on them. Another image of a street with a lot of car traffic, one of the license plates is being focused.


Very often our security officers and camera monitors are eyewitnesses of criminal events. Once criminals see our uniformed security officer or hear our remote monitors over loudspeakers warning them that police are on the way, they leave the premises. As security experts we are left with a few pieces of information that if further investigated can lead to real solutions of ongoing crime onsite.


Therefore, Green City Security LLC has teamed with Checkmate Surveillance Investigators LLC (CSI), owned and operated by former DEA agent and Dallas Police Officer Anthony Woods, to offer our clients investigations services that will make a difference for the site and community in general. 


The back of a car stopped at a traffic light, the license plate reads legibly


Our investigator will return information on the license plates within 24 hours, and a detailed report that contains the name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle. If requested, a full investigation of the registered owner can be performed to gain further investigative insight. The pertinent information received can be shared with law enforcement agencies and/or insurance companies.

A corrupt man passing money under the table to another man



With the use of technical surveillance equipment, patience and law enforcement experience, CSI will investigate employee dishonesty and conduct a through investigation to be presented to law enforcement and insurance as needed. 

A bunch of folders full of legal papers stacked on top of each other



CSI investigators have hundreds of hours in court preparation. CSI investigators have experience in going through mounds of documents, phone records, and financial records.  CSI investigators understand that the smallest thing can mean the difference between losing or winning a case. As former DEA agents, they fully understand the severe penalty for an inaccurate testimony or lying on the witness stand.

A map with pins indicating various places and areas



Businesses lose millions of dollars in unpaid goods and services each year. The  legal process can be long and often does not offer much if the person can not be found. As retired DEA agents CSI investigators are experts in locating people with limited information. CSI investigators know that it is almost impossible to live in today's society without leaving a paper trail. CSI investigators are trained in finding and following that trail not only in the United States but all over the world. 



"Checkmate Surveillance Investigators (CSI) is a company designed to serve the victim. We have been blessed to obtain the skills and training that guaranty success when apprehending the criminal element. As a police officer, I served the citizens of Dallas with dedication and enthusiasm.  My area of responsibility was often recognized for being a low crime area.


As a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, I gave no less than one hundred percent and led difficult investigations that resulted in the dismantling of local, state, federal and International organizations. With the unique skills gained from hundreds of hours of surveillance, locating criminals and testifying in court. We bring a higher level of support that most companies don’t have and cannot offer." 

Anthony Woods, a mature African American man, owner of Checkmate Surveillance, smiling kindly for the camera. In the background we have the USA Flag.


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