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Downtown Houston in the background and two uniformed security officers posing with arms crossed


The role of our armed and unarmed security officers is to be the first point of contact for our clients when a disruption of peace or emergency occurs.

Our formula for quality is combining highly-trained, well-compensated security officers with responsive, improvement-oriented management. The safety of our client and the protection of their assets is our priority. 

We have been in the private security industry since 2009. The more that we continue to implement cutting-edge technology in our security solutions, the more we realize that human power can not be surpassed by artificial intelligence when it comes to real life  emergency situations. Our security officers have been essential to the safety of the communities we service and their work can not be replaced by security cameras, but rather complemented. 


An armed security guard with his back turned, about to handcuff a man who has his hands on his head


Our armed security officers attend a 40-hour course provided by licensed security training academies. They use their skills to enforce property rules while displaying excellent customer service skills. Our armed officers are trained to proactively identify risky situations and report them to the corresponding authorities. Fire, flood, armed robberies, car thefts and burglaries are a few examples of situations that our officers have successfully faced using their skills and professional training. 

An open laptop showing a document. It is a security report with photos and text



Our officers, both armed and unarmed, are trained to write detailed daily reports, which are sent electronically to our clients after each shift. With over 15 aesthetic, customized reports we communicate with our clients to get them up to speed on what is happening at their sites. 

A customer support call center, a group of people, each one in front of a computer, talking on the phone



Our 24/7 dispatch center receives and handles noise complaints, suspicious activity reports, and any other security-related calls. We create a detailed dispatch log and send it to the client for their information. When our officer is onsite, we dispatch the officer to handle the issue directly. 

A cell phone reading a Qr code



We use geofenced QR points to ensure that our officers are walking throughout the entire location and its perimeter. Our guard tour system point's are geofenced by latitude and longitude to guarantee preciseness. 

A security guard leaning calmly on the door of a car



Our unarmed security officers identify and address security hazards, conduct foot patrol, guard entrances, enforce property rules and government laws, and prevent crime with their presence. They write detailed daily reports to inform of their findings and activity during their shifts. 

A security officer with his back turned shining a flashlight into a dark neighborhood

24 / 7


Our services are available 24/7 and we have service every day of the year. Our goal is to be onsite to protect your assets and staff every day of the year, 24/7. 


An device used by Green City Security officers. It's called the Body Cam and it's similar to a walkie talkie that allows you to record and broadcast guard rounds live, make group calls and intelligent recognition of faces and vehicle
A security guard carefully closing a door in a multi-family unit



After working at multiple apartment communities, we have discovered that our niche is the multifamily industry and we are proudly committed to making a difference in the communities where we serve. We understand the complexity of working with multifamily professionals whose job is to provide a home to many families. We are inspired by them. 

zoomed in on the chest of a uniformed guard, wearing the insignia of Green City Security, a metal tag with his name: Bravo J. on it and in the center a small square black device that is used to record and communicate




Our security officers are technology savvy and trained to use technology to their advantage. We easily adapt to the latest and best technology availability to the security industry, some of which we design ourselves. Scroll down to learn more about our use of live-streaming body cams.


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¨ We recently hired Green City Security at my business and it has been the best experience. From negotiations to nightly reports, they have been so accommodating to our needs. We have worked with numerous other security vendors, and Green City's professionalism and attention to detail is really unmatched

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