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Two security officers leaning about to raise a drone



Since its foundation, Green City Security has envisioned the future of security with drones providing aerial surveillance patrols in real time to coordinate with on foot and vehicle patrols to achieve a more efficient service for our clients. 


Accordingly, our strategy has been to keep up with the latest drone technologies and update our services when FAA laws allow private security companies to fly drones to perform surveillance. 

¨ I wanted to take a moment and recognize one of the Security Guards that work at Equinox. On the night shift, Security Officer, Arturo Perez, is the primary guard that patrols the site at night. From my observation, Security Officer Perez, is much more thorough at performing the Security Officer duties than any other guard I have observed. Besides taking photographs to prove they were patrolling a given area at a given time, he walks up and down every single floor, using his flash light and looking between the vehicles. Many are quick to complain, but I wanted to take a moment and let you know he is a very professional Security Officer for your site.¨



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